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Mawaru Penguindrum Ep03 – Observations, TL notes

This is the curry episode, sort of a running gag by Ikuhara in Shoujo Kakumei Utena. “Curry” is pronounced “karee” in Japanese, and there are quite a few words with similar pronunciations used as puns in this episode, such as 「彼」(kare) = “him”, 「加齢臭」(kareishuu) = “old person smell”, and 「華麗」(karei) = “flamboyant”.

I think I just gave up with “body odor”. Excellent edit by Good_Haro. This is why you need editors.

The title of this episode is a wordplay on ‘karei” and “curry”. Literally, it would be translated as “Then Eat Me Flamboyantly”. This could be interpreted as a complete surrender in the sense of survival strategy, a total submission to another. Obviously, I wanted to translate the pun. After a lot of thought, I settled with “courageously” = “currageously”, and consequently changed “eat” into “devour” since that would be somewhat of a flamboyant way of eating stuff.
The second interpretation of this title could be “Then Fuck Me Real Good”. No joke.
“Eat” (and variants such as “desert”, “snack”, “side-dish” etc) is a slang in Japanese for sex. If you’ve watched a lot of anime, I’m sure you’ve seen some proactive girls in harem saying “I cooked all these for you, then have me for desert”. Yes, now you know what they meant.
Quite a deep title, if you ask me.

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Speaking of running gags… here’s one within the episode. #1’s got a rat trap glued to its face about half the episode, and #2’s got the “plum face” from “Eating A Jar of Sour Plums Flamboyantly”.

When the brothers doubt the penguin hat was for real, she tries to prove it by…


Apparently, she thought human beings were creatures of logic. Sadly mistaken!
BTW, how did she change so quickly lol

The peach as seen in “Destiny stamp”, and icon associated with Ringo in OP.

An image of a turtle on the back of the diary. Pretty much confirms the Urashima Tarou theory for “2 dragons and a castle” emblem in front of the diary.
Love the palette in this scene. The colors are absolutely brilliant.

Go Ringo!!! She’s too awesome.

Apparently, there’s a lot of confusion on the meaning of “fabulous” in the Japanese anime community. I guess it’s one of the rare instances where knowing English instead of Japanese actually helps when watching anime 🙂

「泥棒猫」 = “Thieving cat” as mentioned in previous scene is a term often used by a woman who got his man stolen by another woman (got netorare-ed).

So many things had to happen for this encounter. Himari had to die, so the penguin is with her. Ringo had to make curry, and Tabuki had to have girlfriend who just happened to make curry on that same day. Therefore, she had to carry the curry back to have it splattered all over her face, which made an excuse for Himari to take her home.
So many things had to happen at the perfect timing for them to become friends. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Ringo supposedly have the Penguin Drum that the hat keeping Himari alive wants. One hell of a fated encounter, eh?

Kanba putting down the picture of their parents. This is commonly done for photos of the deceased in Japanese culture when you’re about to do something immoral, so they can’t “see” it. The most common pattern in TV is putting down the picture of a late spouse when someone’s about sleep with another partner. In this case, it’s probably the act of keeping secrets from Himari, by bluntly asking Ringo about her secret (and possibly the fact that they broke into her apartment earlier trying to find the Penguin Drum).

Shouma changes topic when the word “family” was mentioned. Another attempt to change the topic like ep1 in aquarium.Once again… it appears Ringo is attempting to make the entries coming true rather than diary having special powers that make things happen.

Curious word choice in changing from “with family” to “at home” in her text to Mom. It can be said that “home” has more of a cozy feel to it. “Having dinner at home” implies everyone together as a happy family. On the other hand… the meal with her father in ep5 is also technically “eating curry with family”.

Episode rating: 8/10

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3 thoughts on “Mawaru Penguindrum Ep03 – Observations, TL notes

  1. I think the “at home” versus “with family” means that she doesn’t feel her mother alone is family and she is simply eating “at a place”.

    Posted by nope.avi | August 26, 2011, 11:53 pm
    • That’s the way I interpreted with “everyone together as a happy family”. It does seem like she’s pretty attached to the father, and we find out she’s following Project M in an attempt to get the family back together .

      Posted by 8thSin | August 27, 2011, 12:03 am
  2. This made me giggle for a long time.

    Posted by hotshot bald cop | August 31, 2011, 2:40 am
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