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Mawaru Penguindrum Ep04 – Observations

Much of this episode concerns Ringo’s fruitless pursuit for Tabuki. This is the first time that fate actually seem to be working against Ringo.

Seriously, what is this? They’ve been showing these shining forehead since ep2… Is this just done to emphasize her not wearing the penguin hat?

#2 appears to be quite a glutton. Shocking footage right here.

Skunks aren’t natural inhabitants of Japan. Kiyoshi-kun is introduced as a “dangerous pet” on the loose, with suspicion of theft. Notice the “ying/yang penguin” emblem on its back. Also, its name “kiyoshi” usually means “cleanser” or “purifier” in Japanese, which is quite ironic considering it’s a skunk.

This could be referring to the skunk being stolen, or simply Ringo’s Special Deluxe Picnic Lunch being stolen by penguins and other birds. If it does refer to the skunk, then that thief is highly likely to be involved with Penguin Drum, and capable of controlling fate, as the skunk played two major roles that ended up getting Ringo and Shouma together.

Okay, maybe there’s a minor trolling going on here, but I honestly couldn’t think of anything else for the announcement of the prince’s appearance.
This episode didn’t have Survival Strategy sequence, so the producers had to save budget by other means to make up for about 3 minutes of recyclable scenes. In this case, Ringo’s imagination cardboard cutout play was used to cut costs maintain the high quality animation in remaining scenes.

Shouma is so gay, always commenting on other peep’s clothing. I hear he comments even more often in the novel.

Pig with halo on Tabuki’s napkin?

#1, you’re so pro.

Women can be scary. Fierce battle in the background.

I laughed out hard at this. I’m sure we all expected #2 to save Ringo… Excellent comedy right her

Where have we seen this before? This could be part of the episode title: “Descension of a Princess”.

Another interpretation of the title can be Asami getting pushed down the escalator. Another deep episode title.

Ep5 preview vs Ep1 first outside scene. The fence and the red daruma doll appear to be missing. Were those blown away? Is that the scene from the storm in Ep5 flashback? (then, how is the penguin there?) Or maybe the animators simply forgot to draw them?

Episode rating: 8.5/10

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