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Why do people translate their own CR simulcast subs?

No ‘Mawaru Penguindrum’ this week, so I used the time to TLC other groups’ subs (lol) for another fansub comparison.

The title of this post is something I’ve been wondering for quite some time. Crunchyroll and Funimation simulcasts about half anime shows worth watching every season now, yet some fansubbers continue to translate these shows on their own. This doesn’t apply to other legal streaming services like Bandai and The Anime Network, because their ‘simulcasts’ are not really simulcasts, so subbing these shows to be first on market is a legit excuse.

Let’s take a look at CR  simulcasts then. They had extremely strong scripts of late, with ‘Hanasaku Iroha’ and select episodes of ‘Gosick’ especially standing out as the best. They get their releases out the fastest every week. To top it off, they are the official, or the only legal, subbed release.

I know many of you will argue, “But CR subs are shit!” Well, this kind of argument may apply to their really old releases or unfortunate exceptions like ‘Deadman Wonderland’ loltastic subs in the last season, but it’s simply not true for most shows they simulcast in 2011.
In fact, one of the most respected groups still alive today, Static Subs gave it an attempt at subbing ‘Gosick’ just 2 seasons ago. Their translation quality was excellent (In fact, I would rank it in top 10 percentile of all fansub releases I’ve seen), but when compared to the CR subs, their translations simply did not match up. I’m not going to make a blog post about it, because this should be apparent to any competent J-E translators around. Whoever at BakaBT seems to think the same way and picked Victorique over SS for ‘Gosick’.

Some groups (like UW-C and Hatsuyuki-Tsuki for this series) did adapt by simply taking CR scripts then providing additional editing and typesetting, potentially providing higher quality fansubs. Unfortunately, a couple of fansub groups didn’t seem to get the message. It eludes me why they would waste their time making inferior subs only to fuck up their viewers and get embarrassed by a fellow translators like me in this blog.

Ep1 of this show was chosen over others because some idiot from SHiN-gx at anidb claimed he didn’t use CR subs, and wants me to watch the entire episode, so this post serves as double purpose of proving myself right. (TL;DR: This guy must be out of his mind to argue with me, blatant CR script usage.)

Doki: [Doki] Hanasaku Iroha – 01 (848×480 h264 AAC) [95161BBA]
Shgx: [SHiN-gx] Hanasaku Iroha – 01 [848×480 XviD MP3][7184B5FF] (shortend as “Shgx” to align with “Doki”)
CR screensshots – [HorribleSubs] Hanasaku Iroha – 01 [480p]

All screenshots are HS-CR scripts (because I don’t know how to download from CR lol), they are absolutely correct unless otherwise noted.
If I didin’t type out a group’s script in a scene, then it means they didn’t mess up that line. So is the ones without asterisk.

The scoring scheme will be same as AnoHana ep7 TL review.
* = -1 = Minor errors, excessive ambiguity, wrong context etc. Very poor translations that still gets the message across.
** = -3 = Critical errors, and consistency errors. Does not represent what was actually being said.

*Shgx – had a child with an American soldier who came by boat.

>”Boat”? That sounds pretty stupid. She specifically said “port”. If you want liberal TL, it should be “American Navy soldier/crew”.

Doki – Digging up babies from a garden just isn’t right.
*Shgx – Digging up babies from a cabbage patch sounds pretty gross.

>Epic TL by CR, “deranged” is the perfect word choice here. She literally said “it’s mad” in this line, not gross as implied by Shgx.

*Doki – There will be dinner. / No. Ohana is.

>Nothing spoken on other side of the phone, Doki TL is a word-for-word one that makes no sense when translated.

Doki-  How do you get the corn out?
*Shgx – How do I get the kernel out?

>Doki TL is pretty much the direct TL. CR subs added more detail by “corn kernels in canned soup” to “corn in canned soup”. Shgx never mentions corn being the content of canned soup, yet gets “kernels”. If this is not plagiarism gone wrong, I don’t know what is.

Doki: It’d be the same as throwing the corn away.
**Shgx: That’s worse than not being able to get it out at all.

>Notice CR’s text length. It says exactly same thing as Doki, only shorter. This is only one of many such examples found in the episode.
Shgx is made up, no one said it’s worse.

*Doki – Leave it be.
Shgx – Whatever you say.

>This line implies “shut up” while saying “none of your business” in Japanese. CR’s “Hush” is excellent. Doki’s direct TL is a total fail. Shgx borderline passing.

*Shgx – I’m too practical to be anything close to cool.

>Completely ignored 「なんだかんだで」 – “despite what I say”, “when it comes down to it”, or as CR interprets it the best, “I may not act like it.” She does admit to trying to sound/look cool on the outside.

**Shgx – So, even if I do decide what to do soon…


*Shgx – …and buy a plot at the cemetery in Sanchome when I get old.

>Why not translate “Sanchome”? They even translated the title, it just makes no sense. Also suspicious how they just happened to pick “plot” for this line and “grave” for the next just like CR, when the same word 「墓」 was said for both scenes.

**Doki – The lights flicker on and off,

>One by one, not on and off.

**Doki – There are no parents who’d run away together with their child. / I guess cases in which they run away together are quite rare…
**Shgx – What kind of parents would run away in the middle of the night with their kid? / I don’t know, maybe one that cares about their kid’s well-being?

> lit. “Parents don’t run away with their kid” / “Parents who run away without their kid is quite rare case, too.” Ohana refutes her mother’s statement. 2nd line without resemblance to the 1st line is an instant nuance error. CR translator executes this magnificently.
Doki: Second line means completely opposite of what’s being said.
Shgx: Completely makes up a line that appears to make sense. A translator is not a scriptwriter!

*Doki – What kind of expression is that?

> Both CR and Doki messed up. CR one is slightly worse with direct TL that doesn’t make sense in this scene. He’s saying that to comment/ask “why are you making that face?” In context, why she doesn’t seem to be depressed (the guy probably thought she was crying… she was actually smiling). Shgx’s “What’s with that expression?” is passable. A liberal TL here can go as far as “Why do you look so happy?” and still be correct.

**Doki: Just because(?) I was the one who got along with you best.
**Shgx: I do things in the simplest ways.

> This is not the word’s common usage, but means exactly what CR sub says.
Doki pretty much dodged it and combined with next line. I can’t really blame them for doing so.
I have no idea where Shgx got “simplest ways” from 「からめ手で」, because it’s pretty much the other way around. It appears to be an attempt to twist CR TL in a way that makes sense, but completely wrong.

*Doki:  I’ll say it, I like you
*Shgx: I’ll say it now / I like you!

> All releases fail. This is the line where Kou finally confesses to Ohana after saying how he thought he’d get the opportunity and was being roundabout in hopes of her realizing herself, but decides to say it now as a farewell. Obviously,  it should’ve been something like “I’ll put my feeling into words… I was in love with you!”
“I like you” is a literal translation that sounds stupid in this scene.

*Doki: I let Kou-chan leave before I did.

> Kou tells Ohana to get going as a farewell in previous line. This line means he was the one who said leave, but he ended up leaving instead. Doki line doesn’t really represent that line, but you can still somewhat guess it.

**Doki: To begin with, I wasn’t expecting anything.

> Forgets “from Mom”, which completely changes the meaning of this line.

*Shgx: Hey, this could be the chance I’ve been looking for to reinvent myself. / …and I’ve always wanted to change myself.

> Nearly a direct reference to an earlier line. Minor consistency error by both CR and Shgx.
lit. “Become a different myself” should obviously be translated to “reinvent myself.” I understand the desire to change the translations for same words to avoid excessive repetition and to show you’re not a one-trick pony, and this usually should be done for same words like this, but not when it’s direct referral to an earlier line.
The importance of this line is that it’s a dream come true. She always wanted to reinvent herself (even thinks of it during the conversation with Mom), she finally gets that chance.

**Doki: But, looking at Kou-chan’s different face…
*Shgx: But, after seeing Ko like that…

> Doki’s done the direct translation here, simply does not work. Shgx is not really wrong, but loses some of the meaning of this line. 「違う顔」 lit. “different face” is a classic “different side”. It doesn’t matter if it’s slightly overused. This translation applies here. Period.

Doki: Ew.
**Shgx: Weeds…

> I’d hate to align myself with Doki, but I clearly hear a pause between 「く」 and 「さ」, therefore “Stink” = “Ew.” くさ「草」 without pause in middle is “grass”, “weed” is appropriate in context if it really is what is being said.
I seriously struggle to understand why she would say “weed” after she pulled it out, because it’s clear it wasn’t just weed by then. Through research, Allium macrostemon does have strong smell like garlic/green onion, so it makes sense to say it smells, especially said after it’s pulled out. CR probably has the Japanese script, but I suspect the TL thought this line was too easy and didn’t even bother to check. No one gets point deduction from benefit of doubt.

Update: It has become apparent by Ep03 that CR does not have access to Japanese scripts or the translator simply doesn’t use them (Common idiom 「高嶺の花」 (“a flower atop a lofty peak” = “a girl out of my/his league”) misinterpreted as homophone 「高値の花」 (“expensive flower”)). I’m certain enough that this line is a legitimate error, too.

Doki: From now on, you are an employee of this establishment.
Shgx: As of today, you work as an employee of this establishment.

> Srsly guys? This line: lit. “Starting today, you are an employee here.” Did you guys really all get “of this establishment” instead of just the literal translation or “of this inn” etc? There is nothing wrong of taking an official source as a reference, and I usually wouldn’t have commented on this since it’s part of the research as the slower groups translating a show, but since shingx guy insists he didn’t even look at CR sub, I will list this as another suspicious line.

*Doki: You’re the daughter from some woman I don’t know.
Shgx: You’re the daughter of the girl I disowned.

> lit. “The daughter of a girl I sent away is…”
Doki over-interprets.
Shgx: srsly again? “Disowned” is the only way to smoothly translate this line. In fact, I probably would’ve went with (combine with next line) “The daughter of a girl I disowned is worth nothing more than a pet to me.” But then again, my TL skill isn’t low enough to make all those critical errors, and it still wouldn’t be an identical line to CR. The chances of getting duplicates in this line is slim to none.

Doki: In that regard…
*Shgx: In addition…

> Grandma pays for work, “in exchange”, it’s coming out of your pay if you mess up.
“In exchange”, “but”, “however”, “on the condition that”, “on the other hand” etc anything that contradicts the previous line would work here. Even CR one here is not very clear, but acceptable.


*Doki – I was expecting her to say something like “that’s not true,” / to cover for her friend, but…
**Shgx – I was expecting something like “of course she hates you!” even if she was joking.

> C’mon guys, this is not a hard line. This happened after Ohana comments on Minchi “she makes it obvious she hates me.” This line is “Wouldn’t people{someone in her position} usually say something like ‘she doesn’t really hate you’ to comfort me?”
「フォロー」(follow) is Japanese-English meaning “follow-up line” here, as Doki literally translated, was to “cover” for her friend. Although, this cover here is done on behalf of Minchi for Ohana, so that line still doesn’t completely represent the meaning of what was actually said.
CR: I can only say that’s a careless derpy mistake. The only critical error they made in this episode.
These lines are a total mess. The previous line’s 「嫌い」 (“hate”) should never have been translated as “doesn’t like me”, because it doesn’t make sense in context to expect her to say “of course she likes you”, as that girl already told Ohana to die. On the other hand, “she doesn’t hate you” has more leeway (maybe not deep down, maybe she’s like that to everyone), which is exactly the follow in Japanese was supposed to imply. There is no need to ever turn a negative word to a reverse-positive unless it provides more clarity.
Shgx: Indisputable evidence of plagiarism / using CR as reference right here. There’s no way in hell this kind of mistake can be naturally made on 「そんなことないですよ」. Interpreted CR line as the completely opposite. Then an attempt to twist CR subs to make sense by changing “lie” to “joking”.

*Doki – Yelling at a child all the time won’t help them grow, you know.
*Shgx – Yelling doesn’t accomplish anything.

> This line is important in that she just criticized on the way they educate in the workplace. This is among the rudest thing you can say to a parent or someone teaching others in Japanese culture. Thus the anger by this guy in the next scene.
Doki: Translated 「伸びませんよ」 directly. This line means improve, not grow.
Shgx: Too dumbed down, it doesn’t convey the meaning of this line.

**Shgx: No, you have to place yourself dead last.

> You put customer first, take care of yourself second or third, “No, your turn never comes.” Not last.
Rather ingenious TL by CR.

*Doki – What about it?

> Immediately following previous scene, Ohana’s trying to say her belief is false by saying “Don’t you think that’s wrong?”. Doki direct TL again, does not fully convey the message.

*Doki – You should be old enough to take care of your own surroundings.
*Shgx – Are you truly incapable of handling your own belongings?

> 「身の回り」 can mean a person’s “surroundings” or “belongings”, but in this line it clearly means “take care of your own life.”
Someone who can’t take care of herself can’t possibly take care of others, which is their line of business. Thus, the significance of this line. CR epic liberal TL right here by adding “old enough”, which works because they’re working at such a young age, delivering extra blow in this line.

*Shgx: What do you think this kind of job is?

> “What do you think it means to work?” A very Japanese line, pretty much saying “don’t you have any respect for your work?” “Do you understand the mindset one should have when working?” Not what this job is.


Lyrics should of course be liberal, but these two groups stray so far away from the true meanings that it’s just pathetic. Note: I’m not going to waste my time perfecting the lyrics, because that would take me at least half an hour by itself, but I made a rough translation for each line, which should be accurate.

**Doki – The rain of tears fall onto the path, / making the journey more beautiful
**Shgx – Tears rain gently on our journey to maturity

> “Shining beautifully every time tears rain down my(her) cheeks”. They both took 「たび」 for a separate sentence, as “journey” rather than “every time”.

**Doki – Set unto unreasonable rules, unable to hold back my tears I cried.
**Shgx – From such dirty rules / This isn’t considered crying

> “I was crying because(while) I couldn’t free myself from these unreasonable rules” Not “holding back.”

**Doki – Passing just like that, the map to the future…
**Shgx – A plain past and a bright future

> “The future map that’s all blurry” TL Note: “Future map” means their design, path to the future.
I would probably translate as something like “Our future is all too uncertain”.

「すり減ったココロを埋めたくて集めた 要らないモノばかり」

Doki – Wanting to fill my worn out heart, / I gathered nothing but useless things I did not want
**Shgx – A three-headed heart / is filled with dreams of useless things

> I would choose “unnecessary things” instead of “useless things I did not want”, but Doki is mostly right here, Shgx comically mishears “surihetta” as “three-headed”.

「バイバイ あの愛しき日々は戻りはしないから」
**Shgx – Goodbye, my precious / I won’t come back

> lit. “Bye bye, those lovely days will never return, so”, I would translate to something like “Bye bye, because we’ll never relive those lovely days again,” or “Bye bye, leaving the fond memories behind”
Shgx… Switching “days” for “him” is unacceptable even as liberal TL. It can be changed to “time” or “past” depending on interpretation.

「開いてゆく 小さく閉じたココロが」
**Shgx – A small and solitary heart is hating

> lit. “The small and closed heart that’s beginning to open has…”, as in “she’s starting to open her fragile heart to others”. Comically wrong, no idea what they misheard it for.

「色付いてく  もっと深く優しく朝の光を受けて」
*Doki – More colourful, deeper, and kinder, / letting the day’s light cover me.
**Shgx – There’s no need to leave quietly or with meaning / Meet the morning light

> Seriously, what the fuck.
First of all, wrong line break. The heart in earlier line “is being colored” = “being filled by presence of others” then “Gently being shone by more morning light”. One possible liberal TL would be “Their rays of kindness sink deeper into my heart”. These fansub groups pretty much gave up here and made shit up.

The Results:

Group (time to release): # major errors + # minor errors = Accuracy deductions

Doki without lyrics (24 hours): 5 major + 4 minor = -19
with lyrics: 8 major + 5 minor = -29
SHiN-gx without lyrics (14 days): 7 major + 12 minor = -33
with lyrics: 13 major + 12 minor = -51
CR without lyrics (0 hours): 2 major + 3 minor = -9

Benchmark (time): Rough average score estimate for typical fansub releases
Speedsub (24 hours): 5 major + 5 minor = -20
Slowsub (7 days): 2 major + 5 minor = -11

Group: smoothness (/10) + nuance (/10), total (errors + subjective) = ##

Doki: 8 + 7 = 15, total = -4
SHiN-gx: 7 + 5 = 12, total = -21
CR: 9 + 9 = 18, total = +9

Hanasaku Iroha – Difficulty 5
Crunchyroll = A-, LS-6
Doki = C, LS-4
SHiN-gx = D-, LS-8

This episode had some awkward lines spoken by its characters or implied things with very little said, but they all spoke very clearly. There shouldn’t be that many major errors. The problem is how smooth the script will sound when read out loud in English, and how much nuance and detail is captured in the subtitle.

Doki: I’m actually surprised Doki translation was actually average fansub quality. Perhaps they used CR to double-check their accuracy, which is fine because it’s exactly what the hell a slower group should’ve done, but their translators are just too incompetent in general to even have a chance at competing with CR.
Their editing is decent though. Other than 2 or 3 lines, I didn’t recognize any traces of CR script usage, and their subs are smooth when translation is correct. They could be changed a lot shorter though.
Overall, their subs are simply nowhere near the level of CR subs.

SHiN-gx: Takes 14 days to release some crap worse than speedsub benchmark. Sometimes gets liberal translation right on, but completely messes up the script more often than not.
There are extreme similarities in sentence structures and word choices throughout the episode, but these screenshots are more than enough to prove they’ve used CR translation as a reference, and sometimes even completely ripped them off. I don’t  know why they’re even arguing with me in the first place, because there’s nothing wrong with using an official source as reference (though shouldn’t directly use their lines…)
The translator seriously needs to read my translator guide because whoever translated it is clearly not experienced enough to even attempt liberal translation yet. I guess it’s to be expected from people who put a Wikipedia link to bible translation styles in their fansubbing policy. Well, if they’d at least read the article they’re linking to, they would realize liberal translation does not equal to freely plugging in whatever that seem to fit each line.

Messing up pretty much almost every line in the CR-untranslated lyric is almost proof in itself that both groups’ translators don’t really speak Japanese. Nuance and smoothness are something that should be considered after you get the accuracy straight.

CR: Easily the best translation for this show. They have better translation as seen from the scores, first to release, and the most authentic source. I still have no idea why people compete with them on their well-subbed shows, at least with original translations, which guarantees inferior subs.

To be honest, I’m not sure I can beat the quality of the translation myself, definitely not by speedsubbing.
Despite mistakes being spotted, I would say their subs were nearly perfect for this series because everyone make mistakes, and it’s so much easier for someone to notice other people’s mistakes than actually translating. They should make their translators TLC each other’s work though.

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21 thoughts on “Why do people translate their own CR simulcast subs?

  1. Concerning the following CR line:
    She obviously doesn’t like me. / I was sort of expecting an, “of course she does!”

    I interpret this as: “of course she does (like you)!'”,
    not “of course she does (not like you / hate you)!”

    I assume you interpreted it as the latter because you compare it strongly to Shgx’s “Of course she hates you!”
    (“the same mistake … made on 「そんなことないですよ」 translated completely opposite”).

    This is not, in my view, a valid interpretation. For the sentence to carry the meaning you ascribe it, I would expect “Of course she doesn’t!”, or alternatively, for the previous line to be “hates me.” instead of “doesn’t like me.”

    “Does” is a strong positive word refuting the negative sentence containing “doesn’t”. In my opinion it cannot be taken to affirm that sentence.

    Incidentally, while I enjoyed your article, I disagree with the premise. The reason I consider fansubs – even now – to be a good rather than a menace to anime, is because they offer the possibility of better translations, deepening appreciation for and increasing cultural understanding of a work.
    They failed in this case, but once fansubs are reduced to regurgitating CR subs with the main work going into encoding, I feel they do not justify their own existence.

    Posted by Hyperwyrm | August 13, 2011, 11:21 pm
    • Thanks for the feedback. You’re absolutely correct, I did misinterpret that line.

      I actually compared to the previous spoken Japanese line 「なんか分かりやすく嫌われてるな」, which should never have been translated as “doesn’t like me” in the first place, especially given the line in question coming up in the next scene. I just had “she makes it obvious she hates me” stuck in my head. 😦

      This still doesn’t change the fact this line is a major mess made by CR, because there is no way Ohana would expect Nako to actually say “of course she likes you”, when that girl already told her to die. The lie has to be somewhat believable, or it won’t function as a “follow”.

      As for fansubbing, I do pay a lot of attention to subtitles when I watch anime, and I have a pretty clear idea of how good each group’s translators are. Apparently, CR translator for this series is ex-fansubber kokizzzle. I can count only a handful of fansubbers who can translate at that level, and most of them aren’t translating this season.
      I believe competing against subs like this is a pointless exercise. Although, CR script can be improved upon, as I was capable of finding some minor translation errors, and I’m sure there are a whole bunch of possible editing improvements.

      Fan translators still have many unlicensed series and fake simulcasts (ones that are streamed 3+ days after broadcast) to pick from. Of course, not every CR subs are good, so one can try make better translations for those shows too, instead of trying to accomplish something far out of their reach.

      Posted by 8thsinfansubs | August 14, 2011, 12:46 am
  2. Apologies for the double post.

    I thought it worth clarifying that I don’t mind groups working from CR as a base script; I mind the new wave of groups that edit CR without a competent translator, and produce a marginally improved version of the existing work, believing that the translation part is done. The odd translation mistake does not get fixed, no further cultural insight is offered, and edits may in fact go in the wrong direction. That is the kind of release that doesn’t justify itself to me.

    If a group does have a competent translator, then I believe it’s up to them whether to work from CR or not – it shouldn’t make a difference. Perhaps they prefer to “plagiarize” as little as possible.

    (Side note: I’m also sick of groups that fall to pieces whenever a Japanese song is presented, and can’t even get the lyrics right in the first place, even after the official lyrics are made public.)

    Posted by Hyperwyrm | August 14, 2011, 12:00 am
    • These guys should definitely use Translator Checkers, but I don’t think there are many competent TLCs around. It is more fun to translate from scratch, after all. In addition, TLC’s Japanese fluency must be equal or greater than the translator, or they won’t be able to catch anything (in fact, they are more likely to do harm rather than improve)

      The lyric TL for these two groups were disturbingly poor. I don’t expect them to be able to perfectly hear every line, but those translations without slightest resemblance to the Japanese lyric is just ridiculous. I think the availability of CC (closed captioning) these days has enabled many fansubbers without sufficient knowledge of Japanese to take translator positions. These people must be completely helpless when they don’t have all the kanji lined up in front of them.

      Posted by 8thsinfansubs | August 14, 2011, 1:00 am
  3. The art of don’t translate using CR script? Is because they actually only want to got fun and try to practice and learn more…?

    And a side note, all the translators in Doki be relative newbies on this (but, yes, they need more TLC at least), but, they improve with the pass of time and episodes, maybe they are improving a bit in the most advanced episodes on this show too. ShinGX I don’t know, they usually sucks anyway. The spanish fansubbers usually use the translations of CR as base for translation, or of any rip group like the Victorique edition of GOSICK, I noticed the good accuracy that they usually have too, (but with poor editing in some episodes and timing issues, but when you are translating to another languaje, both; the translator and editor, usually try to fix up the edition in the spanish – spanish fastsubs don’t have editors and timers, and the translator tend to absorb more of these errors too :/ -)

    But yes, is usually a good base for start the work in these days. (Sorry for my poor redaction. I know how to read english without problem, but, I don’t have enough practice in the writing side =/. This is a practice I guess), Ah, and thanks for the review, very complete. =)

    Posted by Nyara♥ | August 14, 2011, 1:30 am
  4. Slight update on error scores, ctrl+f “Update” for details.

    Posted by 8thsinfansubs | August 14, 2011, 11:55 am
  5. i prefer doki as i like literal translation more than liberal.

    Posted by stikom2 | August 16, 2011, 11:00 pm
    • That’s fine, but it’s problematic when they get translations completely opposite like “I guess cases in which they run away together are quite rare,” and when many lines just don’t make sense in English.

      Posted by 8thsinfansubs | August 17, 2011, 11:54 am
    • Be careful that you’re not being fooled by mistaking bad English for accurate translations. There ARE distinctions between literal and liberal translations, but if you’re not careful, either one could result in shitty subs. I would tend to argue that the more “literal” have a habit of turning into bad English without proper support from the editor.

      Posted by Dark_Sage | August 17, 2011, 1:15 pm
  6. Whats your opinion on Underwater-Commie’s subbing of this show?

    Posted by Jayse | August 19, 2011, 9:19 pm
    • I’ve watched two episodes with no major problems, but I haven’t directly compared them to CR subs, so I don’t know how good their TLC/edit is. However, their 2nd karaoke was very well-translated unlike Hatsuyuki-Tsuki one (which was clearly done by someone with poor Japanese), so their TLC (if they use one) must be pretty competent.

      The CR subs are excellent, but not the top-tier, film festival level that shouldn’t be touched. As good as the translations were, I think they could’ve been edited better, and UW-C appears to be doing just that. They are still losing in “speed” and “authenticity” to CR, but the quality of their subs/encodes are arguably better.

      Their subs are based on CR translation with further edits, so they’re probably the group of choice right now for ‘Hanasaku Iroha’.

      Posted by 8thsinfansubs | August 19, 2011, 10:38 pm
      • Cheers for the input.
        Until I read this I really didn’t put much thought into the tl of a show. This has kind of opened my eyes to the discrepancies that can occur and the variation between groups. I guess the best thing would be to go learn moonrunes.

        The only drawback to using CR itself is that I like to archive the shows worth watching, at least until I can physically get a Bluray copy of the show itself and the encode quality of their rips leaves alot to be desired compared to other sources.

        Posted by Jayse | August 20, 2011, 8:09 pm
  7. Thanks for the comparison. I have never watched the Doki subs of Hanasaku Iroha,since I am always in a hurry to see the episodes, but with most of the examples you posted here, it seems their literal translations are better than Crunchyroll’s Americanized for clarity versions.

    Posted by Jrm | August 21, 2011, 7:20 am
    • I really don’t see how Doki’s literal translation are clearer than CR in most lines. In fact, they don’t really make sense when read out in English.

      Literal translation is not a superior style.

      Posted by 8thSin | August 21, 2011, 10:30 am
  8. Hmm~ haro there “fellow gg staff member”
    I actually translated Iroha 01 for Doki
    I didn’t think it was too bad imo, glad to see you -kind of- agree
    though, I’d like to mention there were a few things that were changed by “TLC” and edit that I didn’t agree with but then again I’ve kind of ragequiited fan subbing already so… meh
    it was an interesting read

    Posted by Kaionlriu | August 22, 2011, 5:58 am
    • I’ve seen quite a few Doki releases last season, and I have to say, this was one of the better ones.
      Subbing simulcast series is a pointless exercise when CR doesn’t have a newbie fansubber translating for them, and you were right to ragequit lol

      Posted by 8thSin | August 22, 2011, 11:01 am
  9. I should mention that I didn’t read/use CR’s script at all prior to translating so um bonus points? ahaha

    Posted by Kaionlriu | August 22, 2011, 6:05 am
  10. Why don’t you translate for groups rather than wasting your time on correcting other groups?

    Posted by Tatsujin | October 18, 2011, 7:52 pm
    • I do translate for enough groups already.

      Fansub review / TLC takes less time than actually translating, and I also only have to do one episode rather than an ENTIRE season.

      Posted by 8thSin | October 18, 2011, 9:25 pm


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