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Mawaru Penguindrum Ep11 – Observations, Notes, Ep09 – Updates

Before we get to this week’s Penguindrum, there are some useful info from Ep09 comments that I thought were worth mentioning here.

Ep09:This is the re-arranged picture of the door to “Hole in the Sky” annex. The mirror image of Pingroup logo. Perhaps it’s “8”, “∞” or, hourglass. In any case, it’s highly likely that Sanetoshi is somehow involved with the Pingroup.

The “Child Broiler” scene does resemble the novel cover for Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I would’ve said it’s just a coincidence, but the novel is about breeding cloned children for the purpose of harvesting organs used for transplants. You might say it’s a “Child Broiler”.
The boy in the story also gave a present (a cassette tape instead of an apple) to the girl. Both of them in the 2010 film adaptation (pretty good UK film, btw) had same hair as Ringo and Mario(?) in anime as well.
I think it’s too early to conclude that anyone is a clone right now, and Momoka died before Himari was even born, so I don’t see how this can refer to organ donations, but hopefully everything will eventually be explained.

Ep11: I really like the presentation of this episode. This is probably the best-directed episode after Ep9.

“Natsume” means “summer bud”. The bud symbol may be her family emblem.

#1 ready for a fight!

Quite a contradiction here. But then again, she said earlier that it’s human nature to lie.
Or maybe she’s just being tsundere.

I tried to be creative and added some extra nuance to this line.

Like Kanba hinted in Ep7, he knows exactly where these “penguin balls” came from. The producers continue to tease us by concealing the organization’s details. I really like the reflection of Natsume in this scene 🙂

Obviously, she’s not talking about the diary or the Penguindrum at this point, since she’s made it very clear that she’s the culprit when Kanba entered the mansion with the photo of Kanba in the pink sweater. So what other secret does Kanba have that would be big enough to be news? I would think this has something to do with their sin mentioned later, but could be an entirely different one about the secret organization as well.
Yet another mystery.
It appears now that Natsume’s Project M stands for “Mario”, but that’s a bit too obvious, isn’t it?

Wut? Kanba is cursed? Or their relationship was already cursed when he was born?

The producers of this show were very careful in wording last episode, “Hand over half of the diary” instead of “Hand over the other half of the diary”. I suspected Yuri was the biker in Ep9, and I’m glad I didn’t over-interpret it in ep10 translation -.-v

It seems slogan of the week refers to Shoma’s line to Ringo. I chose “changed everything”, but 「命取り」 usually means “fatal”. That halo on the stick man is a little disturbing, but I don’t see anyone dying in the foreseeable future because Ringo changed her mind.

Ringo kicking some serious ass. I like this chibi-form the most out of all episodes so far.
BTW, the one on the last screen is called “dekopin”, and it can be really painful if you know what you’re doing.

Deja vu? Oh… I see what you did there.

I really like this scene. I’m sure you guys really care.

I really like her seiyuu’s work in this scene, you can hear the pain in her voice. Miyake Marie is an amazing find. I’ll definitely look forward to hear more from her.

That’s dedication right there.

I seriously thought Tabuki would go all evil and say: “Did you really think you can trick me into drinking this?” Dum, dum, dum…



Seriously, what? This may be the craziest Ringo delusion yet.

Ringo has been saying “we will become one” in previous episodes. I assumed she meant Tabuki and herself, as in bound by fate/marriage to become one, but she meant becoming Momoka the whole time. Her creepiness just multiplied, and I love her even more!

The use of color, composition (left) and silhouette (right) is very effective.

The use rough irregular lines here and gradient from red to green really depicts her mindset in this scene as well as setting the creepy atmosphere.

And epic tension breaker right here. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the presentation is in this episode.

She drops her cell phone, didn’t seem like she picked it up. We know there are some pictures in her phone. Perhaps her plans are in there and Tabuki finally finds out she’s been stalking him. Perhaps she’ll need to call someone later and get into trouble. Perhaps she’ll meet Tabuki again to get the phone back. OMG so many possibilities for this plot device!!!

The title of this episode can also mean “You Have Finally Opened Your Eyes / Awakened.” It obviously means that she finally realized that she loves Shouma, but also that she finally wakes up from her fantasy… her eyes were finally opened.
The piano solo during Ringo’s chat with Yuri was in perfect harmony with the dialogue. The poignant music amplifies her sadness and pain of the realization that all she had been doing were in vain.

I gasped when I noticed her hat, a bit too late. I was so absorbed by what was happening to Ringo that I completely forgotten about Himari.

And I was like holy shiiiiit! Such amazing flow and delivery.

The “cycle” symbol. Is 16 years one full cycle of events? Or does that mean Sanetoshi is the man behind this coincidence?

More teasing. “that incident” with “95” inside the train. This is such an obvious reference to the 1995 Subway Sarin incident. I’m pretty sure now that the incident in question is going to be something entirely different. The answer can’t be that simple. Not on my Penguindrum!
This is the first time Survival Strategy taking them outside of the staircase. No pink “sky”, and quite surreal.

This must be the sin that’s been mentioned from the very first episode, but of course, we still have no idea what it is. Let the speculation begin.

Episode rating: 9.5/10

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28 thoughts on “Mawaru Penguindrum Ep11 – Observations, Notes, Ep09 – Updates

  1. “It seems slogan of the week refers to Kanba’s line to Ringo”

    wait….you mean Shoma actually?

    Posted by anon | September 23, 2011, 5:37 am
  2. The penguin farting could represent Sarin gas attacks?
    Maybe the answer is too simple but it seems too re-inforced to be anything else by this point.

    Perhaps the reason Himari was shunned at her school was that her parents were part of the penguin cult which may have been behind the attack.

    Posted by Apocalyptse | September 23, 2011, 8:26 am
  3. Wow, what a blast! That saizon senryaku blew my tiny mind.

    I am beginning to think that the penguin’s antics are almost too invasive in the scenes, but I must admit I chuckled when Ringo’s intense stare was interrupted by #2’s flatulence.

    This is easily the best thing showing right now, and I’m glad such a capable translator is handling it.

    Posted by valty | September 23, 2011, 10:19 am
    • Yeah, I kind of learned to filter out the penguins from my mind while something’s going on with the main characters. They’re pretty good for comedic relief, but sometimes distracting.

      Posted by 8thSin | September 23, 2011, 12:24 pm
  4. did you also catch the Kanba/canvas wordplay? great episode

    Posted by L | September 23, 2011, 10:39 am
  5. タイトルの「気づく」を”realized”に翻訳するのは良いアイデアですね。





    Posted by ひじ | September 23, 2011, 4:36 pm
    • タイトルなどは特に直接英訳しても伝わらない場合が多いのでどう解釈するかが翻訳の楽しさであり、難しさであると思います。




      Posted by 8thSin | September 23, 2011, 11:55 pm
  6. Is there any wordplay between senryaku and shinrikyo?

    Posted by _N_ | September 23, 2011, 5:38 pm
    • Not likely. They may rhyme a little, but it’s hardly a wordplay in Japanese unless two words are identical or only off by one syllable.

      Posted by 8thSin | September 23, 2011, 10:43 pm
  7. OP2 「少年よ我に帰れ」/やくしまるえつこメトロオーケストラ 10/5

    Second opening ahead! ‘Boy, return to me’ by Yakushimaru Etsuko Metro orchestra. Apparently it’s released on the same day as the current OP. (double A side?)

    Wonder if we’ll get a new ED.

    Also, I love the blog. 🙂 Thanks for the translations!

    Posted by Bomber D Rufi | September 23, 2011, 8:24 pm
    • Thanks for the info. It looks like double-A side in Amazon Japan.

      I guess we’ll finally have the official subs for the current OP too 😛

      Posted by 8thSin | September 23, 2011, 11:21 pm
  8. Thanks for the clarification on “That One Word Changed Everything” slogan. I was thinking that “that word” would be love since it seems to be the focus of this entire episode (both with Ringo realizing, possibly for the first time, what love is, and Masako expounding on her seemingly conflicted views on love to Kanba). It takes on a whole other meaning when the lethal aspect is added…. ^ ^

    Thanks for everything you do (and thanks again for uploading that raw last night)!

    Posted by ajthefourth | September 23, 2011, 9:58 pm
    • Looks like I messed up the translation there.「一言」 is used in “have a word with someone”, “to express things in one word” etc, but it means “a short phrase”.

      It should’ve been “Those Words Changed Everything” since what Shouma said wasn’t one word… Or I’m interpreting this completely wrong T_T

      Posted by 8thSin | September 23, 2011, 11:27 pm
      • “That one word was fatal” seems to me the right translation as it stands for “ばか” Sho just said.
        Well he was about to die with Ringo punching him pretty hard !

        Posted by Don | September 24, 2011, 6:40 am
      • You’re right. I think it’s the literal interpretation of the slogan, but this is Penguindrum!
        I think it was meant to apply to Ringo in this episode too.

        Posted by 8thSin | September 24, 2011, 12:10 pm
  9. Is Himari aware that the hat possesses her? I wasn’t under the impression she carried it with her everywhere, or that she knew to put it on at these critical moments. Or it’s magically appearing on her head, like in the morgue, but that seems to contradict with how Ringo managed to throw it away.

    Posted by jcs | September 25, 2011, 8:40 pm
    • Himari isn’t aware of that yet. The physics behind the penguin hat is pretty inconsistent though.

      When Ringo “defeated” the princess in that episode, Himari died the moment penguin hat was taken off. On the other hand, Himari in ordinary scenes survive fine without it. It seems the possession is what counts here, and maybe she’s fine as long as she’s the owner of the hat, and the hat is always with its owner in a sense.

      Posted by 8thSin | September 26, 2011, 9:57 am
  10. Your usage of the word “ho” seems to have gotten someone’s panties in a twist.


    Posted by r | September 26, 2011, 8:47 am
    • It’s not my problem if they’re too lazy to fix a single line that they don’t like while blogs hundreds of words about it. I basically “fix” 300+ lines x 2-3 passes for each episode from scratch. I have yet to voluntarily commit a “critical error” with this series.

      As for that line, it may be a bit far off on the liberal scale and has dubious nuance, but perfectly reflects “Who do you think will become a prey of someone like you?” in context, which is obviously far too long for the audio duration.

      It was also meant to poke fun at Kanba’s seiyuu, who is an outright horrible amateur as he either reads the script without emotion or overdramatizes every line. His voice acting doesn’t represent the proper nuance, and I merely used subtitle to achieve the same thing.

      Posted by 8thSin | September 26, 2011, 10:13 am
      • I was honestly kind of shocked at just how much that person ranted about a single line. I mean, I consider myself lucky and am eternally grateful that there’s someone like you translating Penguindrum to begin with, so unless I can provide a correction on something, I prefer to just watch and enjoy. That line didn’t bother me in the slightest, really. I felt it was appropriate with the tone and what Kanba said, especially given that people *would* throw out random slurs like that when feeling pressed to the corner (regardless if the slur is true or not).

        As for Kanba’s seiyuu, I’ve noticed his acting as well. Sometimes he hits the nail on the head, other times he misses the mark completely. His voice has a great quality, though, and I don’t normally like male seiyuu. Hopefully he’ll improve for the rest of the series.

        Posted by r | September 26, 2011, 5:54 pm
  11. I don’t know if you realize this, but you should have left that slogan to say that that one word proved fatal. It killed Himari.

    Posted by Aaron | September 30, 2011, 11:19 pm
    • Himari’s death appears to be unrelated to Ringo not having sex with Tabuki or anything else said in that episode.

      Posted by 8thSin | October 1, 2011, 8:32 am
      • The way I see it, the moments that Ringo started doubting if she should be following the Diary anymore and start to consider her feelings for Shouma, it was the same as not believing in the fate that the Diary/Penguindrum had written in it. A thing I noticed about magic/spiritual items is that you have to have faith in it to work, having doubts makes it useless.

        I’d go on to say that if Ringo doesn’t believe in the Diary anymore, it stops being the Penguindrum. If Shouma and Kanba are to resist fate by taking the object that controls fate, Ringo would have to believe that she has that said object. (If I understand the Mary story, She’s the torch and the penguindrum is the ashes that has to be sprinkled on/ put on the loved one that needs to be revived).

        I’d go even further to say that Shouma effed up simultaneously by not resisting fate as much as Ringo was believing in it. He went on and sobbed about how what his parents did is the reason why Ringo’s fate was changed or manipulated or whatever. But I have to think more on this part of the theory because I don’t have enough evidence or explanations.

        But I do know this, after Shouma’s spiel, Crystal Princess asked him the deciding question, “Do you now accept that the wheel of fate binds you?”. His non-answer (Probably both his and Ringo’s) was enough of an answer, if they weren’t going to stick to their roles of resisting and following fate, then the Diary can’t be the Penguindrum anymore. And if they Penguindrum won’t be sought after for by (I guess) both Shouma and Kanba and Ringo can’t fully believe in it’s power, then the Penguin hat can’t work anymore. And if the Penguin hat doesn’t work, then Himari will die and the only way for her to comeback to life without the easy price of what the Penguins offered is to go with what these evil bunnies have to say. And if their form of the “ashes” involved blowing up trains or whatever, then Shouma and Ringo better get their act together.

        Contrasting with Shouma’s drive to obtain the Penguindrum is Kanba’s effort to save Himari. He knows he has to keep on resisting fate, I think that’s why Crystal Princess only used him to get his “Price” and why Sanetoshi is going to offer him is evil help.

        All of it conjecture though.

        Posted by Aaron | October 1, 2011, 1:33 pm


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