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Shakugan no Shana In-Depth Sub Review – Commie, SS-Eclipse, Doki

Shakugan no Shana III (Final) Difficulty 8

Perceived difficulty, rating, and liberal scale (LS) grading scales.
Definitions of “good translation”, “best practices”.
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This is a pretty hard show to translate in that there are some really difficult terminology present and really characters talk in really ambiguous ways. I think the series composition / storywriter didn’t do a very good job, since there were some drastic topic changes during conversations that made understanding of this show difficult. Consequently, this makes a very good show for TL comparison (and hopefully help viewers understand scenes where no group got right) since it really tests their translation and research ability, as well as how well their editing managed to smoothen things out without messing up the intended meanings. A bad translation can really mess you up, so I strongly suggest you follow one of the only two groups with watchable releases.

Note: I have done extensive research for this review, and my Japanese skill is at least as good as the best translator who worked on this show. Shows like this is never certain unless I had access to the Japanese scripts, but I am at least 95% certain of every mistake or “accurate” translation in this review unless otherwise noted. In terms of accuracy and story comprehension, I am probably the second best fan translator still active (and that’s why no group is foolish enough to openly refute my reviews yet). The corrections can be trusted, and you’re welcome to complain if and only if you are a native Japanese speaker. I will make appropriate changes if valid. I may have missed a few though (and in Doki’s case, I only selected major ones unique to them because otherwise I would be re-writing their entire script). I have watched Shana 1 and 2, but I don’t really remember the story because it wasn’t that special. This is a pretty good episode though. Forgive me I get some character backgrounds messed up.

Comm: [Commie] Shakugan no Shana III – 01 [6FA7779A].mkv
SS-E: [SS-Eclipse] Shakugan no Shana Final – 01 (1280×720 Hi10P) [853CEC84].mkv, [SS-Eclipse] Shakugan no Shana Final – 01 (XviD) [F298747A].avi
Doki: – [Doki] Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – 01 (848×480 h264 AAC) [EFBF5BE6].mkv

All screenshots are SS-E XviD scripts (because I need to load them on VLC so I can have 1-click screenshot instead of MPC 2-click save. VLC messes up the video somehow, but I would rather conserve my energy for more productive stuff like writing this note here than having to click “save” for every screen)

Technical scoring scheme:
* = -1 = Minor errors, excessive ambiguity, minor context errors (he -> they etc), missing unimportant words etc. Very poor translations that still gets the message across.
** = -3 = Critical errors, major context errors (I -> he etc), misinterpretations. Does not represent what was actually being said.

> Japanese lines, group scripts.
>> “Best” translation with lines selected/modified from all groups or my own unique translations.
>>> Comments

Errors: “C” = Comm, “S” = SS-E, “D” = Doki.

Light my Fire
Unleash those feelings kept within
Reality erasing history, stop its track {C**, S*, D**} @1
Even if fate was inevitable {S**}
sometimes nobody can predict what will happen {C*, S**, D**} @2
I will resist with everything I have {S*}
to achieve the future seen from your eyes {C*, S**, D**} @3
Grasp it with your hands (C*, S*, D*) @4
Shout out loud your own existence {S**} @5
Shout out
Shout out {repeat}
Shout out {repeat}
No matter what challenges wait ahead

To be honest, all groups failed because their lyrics don’t make sense and has absolutely no flow. About 75% of all song translations should be made extremely liberal or they’re just random phrases without telling a story. Out of all groups, I felt Comm performed the best in this department (even not accounting for accuracy, it makes the most sense). SS-E clearly had the most mistakes of all… the translator probably used a himado raw or another TL did the song.

@1 The beginning of this line sounds like 「塗り替える」, but I’m fairly certain it’s 「無に変える」 = “Turn to void”. It doesn’t really matter because in either case, in context, the indecisive main character was erased from existence in Ep1. Shana then dismissed it and trains for battle = trying to stop its track.

@2 End of @1 is 「たまには」 (tamaniwa) instead of 「ためには」 (tameniwa) no matter how you listen to it. I may be wrong, but if so, the singer and the song are shit. All groups went with 「ためには」 because it works best for that line, but I firmly believe that they made a wrong line break. 「たまには」 goes into the next sentence: Maybe fate can’t be changed, but some things are exception (like MC didn’t get erased).

@3  lit. “The future projected in your eyes…” In context, “projected”. As in the vision you see with your eyes = the future you desire. Commie probably got this, but messed up the context.

@4 「この手に」 = lit. “In this hand”. While they all got this right in variations of literal translation, in context (and keeping “hand” to match the video), it’s “grasp it with your hands” or be more creative with “The world is in your hands”. We’re talking about altering the fate/future to your way, so it means “make it happen/true”.

@5 SS-E’s 「シャラ」 is a made-up word (part of 「シャララ」?), definitely not “fly” unless I’m missing some Shana terminology.

Admittedly, song TL is not important since it doesn’t really affect the understanding of the story, so I will be weighing 1/2 to all groups: C**, SS** x2, D** +*

> Comm: I’m not alone, though.
> Doki: You’re not alone”
>> “You’re not alone.”

**Commie: Context error.
SS-E: Correct.
Doki: Correct.

>> Next line is “you’re right”, followed by the 2nd screen shot.

> 「トーチが消えれば、その基になった人間に属する物はすべてなかったことになる」
> Comm: If a Torch goes out, everything that belonged to the human will vanish with it.
> Doki: When a Torch disappears, everything that determined its existence as a human will disappear as well.
>> “When a Torch vanishes, everything possessed by that person will be erased from existence.”

*Comm: “Torch goes out” is usually a good translation for that line, but in the story, this Torch literally disappeared (I think).
*SS-E: “related to” would include the mother? His friends? The entire house? “Eliminated” is also a really poor word choice, but the line works fine.
**Doki: I’m sorry but books and tables don’t define his existence. Major misinterpretation.

> Comm: I love you.
> **Doki: I like you.
>> “I’m in love with you.”

>>> Stop using “like” for confessions, you dumb newbs. Literal translation gone wrong. “I like you” is not going to make the next meeting awkward, nor does it sound like a confession of love. This line alone is enough to determine the translator’s basic skill level. Other two work just fine. I personally would’ve gone with my own, because it sounds more natural in that situation.

> 「ただ、歪みの末に引き起こされるという大災厄を押しとどめるべく、 フレイムヘイズという道具が作り出され、」
> Comm: However, Flame Hazes are born as tools to prevent the distortion causing too much damage.
> Doki: But to rid the villains that distort the balance, tools known as Flame Hazes are created.
>> “However, weapons known as Flame Hazes are made to prevent the prophesied apocalypse following successive distortions”

*Comm: Really simpliefied, does not mention the apocalypse/catastrophe.
SS-E: Mostly fine.
**Doki: What villain? Does not mention the apocalypse/catastrophe.

>>> Both groups went with “tools”, which is a really bad literal translation. You don’t fight wars with tools, you fight them with weapons. 「道具」 is obviously implying「戦いの道具」 or other weapons (like holy weapons etc) depending on series terminology.

> Comm: […]we’re talking about that boy, so I’m sure he’s fine.
> Doki: To that kid, it’s an absolute fact.
>> “To her, it’s an undeniable fact.”

**Comm: Context error, thought it was Yuji.
SS-E: It’s fine.
Doki: Fine, the character was saying “she” the whole time.

> 「飲み友達に頭下げられちゃねぇ」
> Comm: Oh, my. You wound me!
> Doki: I’m really lowering the standards I have for my drinking partner.
>> “Can’t say “no” to my drinking buddies.”

**Comm: ???
SS-E: Very poor nuance, but passable.
**Doki: Nope.

>>> “頭を下げる” lit. “lower head” = “to ask a favor” or “to beg”. In context, it’s a friend, so it’s a favor.

> 「とにかくチビ砂利たちはもう次の戦いを見据てるって訳」
> Comm: Anyway, the brat’s friends are already preparing for the next battle.
> Doki: Anyway, that little girl and her friends will put up a good fight in the next battle.
>> SS-E’s line.

Comm: Literal translation that works.
SS-E: Excellent liberal translation.
**Doki: Not what’s actually being said, misheard for something.

> 「おめぇがでけぇ穴を就けてんのはそういうことか?」
> Comm: So that’s why you’re doing nothing?
> Doki: Is that why you’re making such a huge fuss?
>> SS-E line.

*Comm: Technically means the same thing, but a lot of nuance was lost.
SS-E: Epic translation. I probably would’ve went with “parking” instead, but “planting” is equally accurate and probably better.
**Doki: Guesslation.

> Comm: Actually, that might be smarter than chasing false leads all the time.
> Doki: Well, it might be better than just lurking around the sidelines doing nothing.
>> It sure sounds better than going on a wild goose chase.

Comm: Acceptable.
SS-E: Acceptable. Literal.
*Doki: Extremely awkward phrasing, improper use of the term “sidelines”. “Lurking around” conflicts with “doing nothing on the sidelines”.

> **Comm: He’s planning something as well.
> *Doki: Also, those people will definitely be involved too.
>> “Besides, I know he must be involved in this.”

**Comm: Misinterpreted 「絡んでる」
SS-E: Fine.
*Doki: What people? Singular.

> Comm: I seriously don’t know if there are any better options.
> Doki: In situations like this it’s difficult to decide who to ask for help.
>> “In this situation, I can’t decide which side I should hope he’ll align with.”

** Comm: Guesslation.
**SS: Not success or fail.
**Doki: Guesslation.

>>> They’re sending Keisaku as an in-between-guy, and she says it’s a test of his allegiance. Now, the book (?) guy is like I dunno if I should hope for him to betray us or not.
「転ぶ」 lit. “fall” or “roll” means “change side” here, like a dice roll where the top side is constantly changing. It’s also commonly used to describe traitors who switch allegiance easily -> 「ころころと転ぶ」.

> Comm: I’m leaving for Tokyo’s Outlaw tomorrow.
> Doki: I’ll be going to the Outlaw annex in Tokyo tomorrow.
>> “I’m heading to an Outlaw branch in Tokyo.”

*Comm: Forgets branch / office. Their line sounds least retarded out of the three groups though.
*SS-E: Forgets branch / office. Now this sentence doesn’t make sense.
**Doki: Do you even know what “annex” means? He doesn’t even know where the HQ is.

> Comm: Running away from home is just pointless, anyway.
> Doki: There’s no meaning in just doing nothing.
>> SS-E

**Comm: Just doing nothing here won’t solve anything.
SS-E: Good.
Doki: Fine.

> 「報告した案件についての返答が各所から帰ってきたいるようでありますな」
> Comm: The reports are coming in response to the inquiries.
> Doki: According to the report in reply to that matter, there is sufficient proof that he has returned.
>> “It appears the responses to my report have arrived from various departments/branches.”

Comm: Excellent text length that captures the meaning.
*SS-E: I can’t imagine why they would write out “~de arimasu”, “~de arimasuga”, “~de arimasukara”… wtf? It’s not an important quirk to begin with, and even then, just “, so.” would be sufficient and far less annoying.
**Doki: They’re trollsub quality for most of the next 3 minutes.

> **SS-E
> *Comm: About the crisis.
> Doki: Crisis acknowledged.
>> Doki’s line. It’s a miracle.

> 「:effort:」
> Comm: which also includes the recent attacks against Outlaw. HQ is thinking the same thing.
> Doki: As for the signs indication that Bal Masque are planning a large-scale on Outlaw. With this, they will become stronger.
>> SS-E’s line minus quirk.

Comm: Fine.
SS-E: Excellent.
**Doki: Wrong line break, then misinterprets “comes to strong agreement” to “become stronger”.

> Comm:The countermeasures are slow.
> Doki: Situation Unclear.
>> SS-E’s line

Comm: Accurate literal translation.
SS-E: Epic TL here.
**Doki: ???

「:effort: {I will no longer bother for long ones, unless necessary}」
> Comm: Bal Masque never attacked so openly in the past.
> Doki: “Bal Masque have never been on the front lines as much as they have been recently.
>> “Bal Masque have never before launched such a straightforward attack.” (they’ve always been sneaky in the past)

Comm: Accurate, good text length too.
*SS-E: “Large scale” was the previous line, which they already translated once.
*Doki: They’re trying to say the same thing, but came out retarded.

> Comm: He is of great importance.
> Doki: Important container.
>> Precious Vessel.

Comm: Accurate.
*SS-E: Poor wording.
*Doki: Bravo, way to use the dictionary.

>>> Yuuji is the precious vessel for Silver.

> Comm: I did find him a little too closely attached to the Reiji Maigo…
> Doki: He’s become much more intertwined with the Reiji Maigo.
>> “I’ve always thought they were overly infatuated with the Reiji Maigo,”

*Comm: Another context error.
SS-E: Passable.
**Doki: Wrong.

> Comm: but he showed no other signs since that day.
> Doki: but since that day he hasn’t shown any outward signs of distress.
>> “but they have always been obsessed with him.”

Comm: Context error again, but good enough. (no repeat deductions within the same scene)
*SS-E: I’m pretty sure the topic hasn’t been changed yet, because if you’ve noticed, the book (voice from the sky?) has always been the topic changer.
**Doki: ???

> 「健在確信」
> Comm: I am confident he is alive.
> Doki: Strong conviction.
>> “Survival Assured”

Comm: Passable.
**SS-E: Of what? “Determined” is made up.
**Doki: Of what? “Strong” is made up.

>>> The voice changes topic -> Shana is sure that Yuuji is alive and well.

> Comm: Or ignoring your doubts.
> Doki: Although, it is true that I am a bit worried.
>> SS-E’s line.

*Comm: No context.
SS-E: Excellent.
**Doki: ???

> Comm: His place was gone.
> Doki: His seat disappeared.
>> SS-E’s line.

*Comm: Place?
SS-E: Good.
*Doki: His seat didn’t disappear, it’s still there. It’s gone and taken by some random dude wearing glasses.

>Comm: Just like other Torches.
>Doki: The conditions are the same as those of a torch.
> SS-E’s line.

Comm: Good.
SS-E: Good.
*Doki: Are you guys dumb?

> Comm: Braider of the Trembling Might.
> Doki: Braider of Majesty.
>> SS-E’s line.

Comm: Long, but accurate.
SS-E: Epic TL here, exactly what it means in 3 words.
**Doki: Please learn to research. The title can be found in Wikipedia.

> Comm: To give her advice?
> Doki: High expectancy.
>> “Expecting advice?”

*Comm: Wrong context.
*SS-E: “Wishing” doesn’t sound like “hoping for” here.
**Doki: Trollsubs.

>>> “Are you hoping Sophie would give Shana some advice?”

> Comm: The [BTM] is one of the few whom that girl can speak freely.
> Doki: The [BOM] is one of the few people that can light up her face.
>> SS-E’s line, without quirks.

Comm: Accurate.
SS-E: Accurate.
**Doki: Wrong.

> Comm: I have to admit I am of no use in that matter.
> Doki: We pale in comparison.
>> “I hate to admit it, but she’s not as open with me.” (this line follows the previous screen shot)

Comm: Almost catches all of the nuance and makes sense.
**SS-E: Chosen the wrong interpretation for 「不甲斐ない」
*Doki: Probably translated as 「我らは」. Captures zero nuance, context error.

> Comm: Your concentration looks all right too, girlie.
> Doki: It seems that you’ve managed to focus your mind, little girl.
>> “Looks like you no longer need meditation to activate your spell.”

*Comm: Haha, at least this is funny.
*SS-E: They pretty much dodged “mental concentration” = “meditation” part. Sounds like concentrate to keep the spell active rather than activation.
* Doki: No.

> Comm: I must concentrate to make it even smaller.
> Doki: I still haven’t grasped the finer details.
>> SS-E’s line.

Comm: Fine.
SS-E: Excellent and the text length itself is condensed.
**Doki: Completely wrong.

> Comm: The only human to move on with the world.
> Doki: You, out of all humans, will walk with me in this world.
>> “The only human to walk the same path with me.”

> **Comm: Misinterpreted as 「世」 = “world”.
> SS-E: Accurate.
> **Doki: Misinterpreted as 「世」 = “world”.

>>> 「余」 is archaic for “me.” 「世」 = “world” doesn’t make sense in context.

> Comm: Hear my command. We head west.
> Doki: This time, the Seireiden… will be ours for the taking.
>> SS-E’s line.

*Comm: Ignored “Seireiden”.
SS-E: Excellent.
**Doki: I’m pretty sure these guys already control Seireiden lol

> Comm: Yuji is training as the leader of Bal Masque.
> Doki: Yuuji emerges as the leader of Bal Masque,
>> SS-E’s line.

**Comm: Mishears 「君臨」 as 「訓練」
SS-E: Excellent.
Doki: Acceptable.

Shakugan no Shana III (Final) Difficulty 8, estimated to be 400 lines.

Commie: C, LS-6
9 Critical + 13 minor = – 40

SS-Eclipse: B-, LS-5
6 Critical + 7 minor = – 25

Doki: F+, LS-3
I will not waste my time adding up their total, not to mention I didn’t list every one of them  = – 100 (conservative estimate, I count 22 criticals in script just from these screens)

Commie‘s script had a lot of context errors, but overall understandable and flows better. Compared to SS-E, simpler terms were used, and things dumbed down, which I personally felt made this release easier to follow. Their staff probably didn’t really research, but the story will probably be less reliant on past seasons as the series go on, so I see rooms for improvements with this release.

SS-Eclipse clearly has the best translation out of all groups, especially in use of difficult terminology, ability to catch nuance, and occasional amazing lines. However, its accuracy is only slightly better than Commie’s despite far slower release. For those trying to understand everything that’s going on and details though, this is the release to go. From what I remember, their subs (Claymore and Clannad) were really good, but I’m a little disappointed with this first episode.

Doki… Forget these guys. You will have no idea what the hell is happening with this show if you watch their releases. Their translators are probably just dictionary users, and since this show doesn’t come with CC, they’re even worse than usual.




Man… over 3100 words. This thing probably needs heavy editing but I’m going to sleep zZz

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30 thoughts on “Shakugan no Shana In-Depth Sub Review – Commie, SS-Eclipse, Doki

  1. Well, I don’t envy the translators working on this show (though I do get to say, “Hah, I told you it would be harder than your predicted difficulty level”). Like the archaic “I”? I would have completely missed that. Not to mention the pithy utterances of Wilhelmina’s hat… thing.

    Wonder if any of the groups have the LNs to work with (I actually found LN scans of Ben-To while we were doing the first ep, which we plan on using as reference in the future).

    Out of curiosity, you called yourself second; who would you rate the best active fan TL?

    Posted by lygerzero0zero | October 12, 2011, 12:21 am
    • Oh, that was the hat talking lol
      Commie and Doki definitely didn’t use LN, not sure if SS-E did.
      They should be though.

      BTW, I’m not claiming to be the “second best TL”, but most likely the “second most accurate” and probably in the top 5 😛
      I’m sure you’ve already noticed that I’m not the best writer in the world, but I’m confident that I’m one of the best TLC available. It’s not as much fun as translating yourself though.

      As for the most accurate one, it’s best to not start any more fansub drama than I already have. Hint is, I haven’t reviewed him yet in this blog, and if you watch enough fansubs, you’ll notice that one translator’s works consistently have 0~2 mistakes per episode.

      Posted by 8thSin | October 12, 2011, 8:30 am
      • LOL, I think there are two names that popped in my head… Is that guy translate something this season?

        Posted by potte | October 12, 2011, 10:28 am
      • I’m thinking of a certain fansub leader out there…

        Posted by Shitty | October 12, 2011, 8:31 pm
      • I would guess Strato of a.f.k., but he’s not exactly “active.” (And some of his older subs like Full Moon are absolutely riddled with mistakes.)

        IIRC Kunio mentioned something on the SS site awhile ago about re-reading the LN.

        In the end, while I don’t care for SS-E’s undertranslations or “~de arimasu” junk, I’d rather deal with their occasional editing errors than Commie’s noticeable omissions.

        Posted by zalis116 | October 28, 2011, 5:44 am
      • I will end all this speculation and just point out the name: blakbunnie27

        Anyone who hasn’t subbed anything this year are considered ‘inactive’. bb27 is the only fan translator I’ve seen this year who has produced a near-flawless script (A) on a difficult (6+) series: [Monokage] Towa no Quon (I was surprised a group I’ve never even heard before had such HQ subs, and went to their website to check)

        There are other very good translators who subbed something for a fansub group this year, but they’re either not active anymore, works professionally, and/or had still had mistakes that I could spot, so they can’t really comment on accuracy at this point.
        Also, I don’t remember [a.f.k] Haruhi being mistake-free, but that guy definitely was an excellent translator in nuance / word choice.

        Posted by 8thSin | October 28, 2011, 4:28 pm
  2. Thanks for the review. As for editing this review, you left in “CR screensshots – [HorribleSubs] Hanasaku Iroha – 01 [480p]” and the “Wishing advice?” screenshot is there twice.

    Posted by Blah | October 12, 2011, 12:40 am
  3. We’ll see if SS-Eclipse shows their old speed for this. It might have just been the first episode that was slow because of them having to coordinate everything, since they used to be super quick.

    Posted by alex | October 12, 2011, 8:44 am
  4. Hate to admit it but you caught something i didn’t 😉 (currently in charge of reTLCing shana01)

    Posted by Nanakoto | October 12, 2011, 11:33 am
  5. > Shows like this is never certain unless I had access to the Japanese scripts

    Also, in MPC-HC you should be able to press F5 to take an screenshot (if the renderer supports it). VLC builds from http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/win32/last/ support 10-bit too.

    Thanks for the reviews, they’re really useful.

    Posted by Dude | October 12, 2011, 5:31 pm
  6. Yo. Doki just dismissed your review. Called you some “fansub review wannabe”.

    Personally, I appreciate what you’re doing. Your site makes a nice compliment to Whine’s editing reviews.

    Posted by SPAMbot | October 13, 2011, 3:25 am
    • lol, standard denial.

      If they really thought this is an unreliable review and had something on me, they would just post something here to disprove any of their mistakes listed here.

      I have already listed the evidence for my claims. They haven’t.

      Posted by 8thSin | October 13, 2011, 4:51 am
    • And yet their TLC is here commenting that 8th caught something he didn’t catch when he was “re-TLCing”…

      Posted by koda | October 13, 2011, 4:43 pm
  7. Huh, looking through the article and seeing your commentary on the different lines, it makes it seem like SS-E did a lot better than the conclusion shows. Almost every comment seems to praise their translation, and I only see three lines noted a “critically wrong”. What gives? Did they make a lot of unreported mistakes, or did their poorly translated song lyrics drag them so badly down? If you were to judge the episode script sans song lyrics (which I personally rarely bother reading anyway), would the difference between the two acceptable groups be larger?

    Posted by Mario | October 18, 2011, 6:00 pm
    • Thanks for noticing that, it seems I made a stupid mistake by counting both groups’ ED errors without weighing them down. I did a ctrl+f “**SS”, and there are 4, plus 2 weighted down on karaoke = 6 major mistakes. Commie’s rating is adjusted as well, but they made fewer mistakes in ED, so the gap is a bit bigger now.

      SS-E subs still had a lot of mistakes though, considering the time it took them to release. I do believe their translations were a lot better than other groups simply because of extra details, but Commie’s lack of details weren’t severe enough to warrant an error or were just considered to be “minor mistakes”, and didn’t affect the rating that much.

      In terms of understandability of the subs, these two groups aren’t too far apart, since Commie had more mistakes, but their subs were smoother and shorter.

      I’m planning to do another mistake count at around middle of the season though.

      Posted by 8thSin | October 18, 2011, 9:13 pm
  8. Wow…Doki really failed hard on this one….did not expect that…

    Posted by Rokudaime | October 19, 2011, 11:42 pm
  9. Doki dropped Shana and only do the BD. I guess they have realized that they’re suck really hard on Shana.

    Posted by pottemayo | October 20, 2011, 10:43 pm
  10. “Oh, and also, apparently I was supposed to mention something about Shana being moved to a BD project due to PL (Holo) not having the time to do it. No, I will not be answering questions related to this in the comments, so there’s no point in asking. It is how it is.”


    Posted by kamfreto | October 21, 2011, 12:20 am
    • They probably just gave up on attempting to translate, like they apparently did with Fate/Zero as well.

      Posted by wangs | October 21, 2011, 11:52 am
  11. “@2 End of @1 is 「たまには」 (tamaniwa) instead of 「ためには」 (tameniwa) no matter how you listen to it. I may be wrong, but if so, the singer and the song are shit.”

    You’re right, the song is actually shit (at least the lyrics are)
    Got the single CD today and the official lyrics are like… LOL

    Nobody can predict what will happen.

    Kotokos’s english pronunciation SUCKS.

    Posted by ChrisJun | November 29, 2011, 12:03 pm
    • Yeah, I found the official lyrics few weeks ago. This song is pretty catchy but there’s a definite disconnect between lyric and what’s actually sang 😦

      Posted by 8thSin | November 29, 2011, 2:57 pm
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